Pro Accounting s.r.o.
Náhorní 1816/12
182 00 Praha 8

Tel.: 284 693 944-7
Fax: 283 850 790

Accounting and tax register

  • Accounting of cash documents.
  • Accounting of issued and received invoices.
  • Accounting of current accounts statements.
  • Accounting of other accounting documents.
  • Processing of tangible and intangible property records.
  • Processing of monthly final accounts (profit and loss statements and balance sheets in Czech, English or German).
  • Processing of source data for VAT tax returns and road tax (returns ready to be sent off).
  • Processing of source data for legal entity income tax returns (returns ready to be sent off).
  • Cooperation with auditors.
  • Providing cooperation during inspections completed by a revenue authority.
  • Insurance with the payment of premium of up to CZK 5 million.
  • Freight for transport of documents in Prague.