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Processing of wages

  • Processing of monthly wages to be paid out, including all levies of social and health insurance, payment orders in a printed or electronic form (depending on a bank), salary slips, source data for making entries in double-entry book-keeping, lists of moneys to be available by an agreed-upon date of the following month.
  • Records of drawn holiday and the duration of incapacity to work.
  • Keeping of payroll sheets and registration sheets of employees' old-pension schemes.
  • Completion of annual tax accounting.
  • Processing of all wages-connected reports.
  • Processing of employee's applications for and withdrawals from health insurance companies.
  • Processing of applications for a social security authority.
  • Providing cooperation during inspections completed by a revenue authority or a labor office, social security authority, and health insurance companies.
  • Insurance with the payment of premium of up to CZK 5 million.